X Factor Sports - Payment Scam


This company advertises a "HAMMER X " driver on an infomercial. When I called them, they told me I could try the driver for 60days with a full money back guarantee. I got the driver and it does no t do what it's supposed to do and I called them to return it. They told me again it has a 60 day return so give it a couple of days and let them know , etc.

I call ed them back today FIVE DAYS after I received it, and they told me that SINCE I paid for the driver through GOOGLE WALLET, that they could not take it back.

Now I am stuck with a worthless driver, and I am out $160.

DO NOT buy ANYTHING from X_factor sporst, or JACK HAMM, who is supposed to outdrive Tiger Woods by over 100 yards etc. "Mr" Hamm is a RIP OFF ARTIST who employs deceptive techniques and lies about his products and guarantees.

Review about: Hammer X.

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